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How exciting!

June 30 2012 at 8:42 AM
Sara H  (no login)

Response to Hi and Update

I am so happy the 20 week went well! YIPPEE!

I totally agree with Mrs.A! Take it EASY. And, drink stupid, I mean ridiculous, amounts of water. I just learned that lesson the hard way... don't follow suit!

I am so excited for you and your baby girl!

About the bleeding: I don't have any words of advice directly, I have not had any issues with bleeding, but I have other things that the dr.s are "following closely" so I know the daily stress this puts on you and I am so sorry. It is like a constant cloud when everyone is telling you how sunny and happy life is.

I did get great advice on this board about it, though, and that was to fine a few minutes every day to put the stress down and just focus on being thrilled with your pregnancy. The first few times were a real push for me, I was faking it but trying... but it has gotten easier and it has helped a bunch!

Good luck to you and I hope you sail thought this with flying colors!

Hugs and love,
Sara H

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