Note to Laura*

June 30 2012 at 6:16 PM
Sara H  (no login)

I saw what you mentioned below about Brackton Hick and what you had written to me a few weeks ago on the subject and wanted you to know I took it very seriously.

My BH had been continuing, off and on, over the last few weeks. On Wednesday they got bad, one every 10 minutes then every 5. I lay down, drank water... no help. So, I went to hospital.

Well, I was really really badly dehydrated. And I had NO idea! I had been drinking plenty, I thought, but my body did not agree. So, in I went. While they monitored me I got down to 2 minutes apart but no dilation of any sort and my cervix was still 3.9. So, they made me drink a STUPID amount of water, which helped a bit, and then they gave me drug to ease my "cranky uterus". (Their words, not mine! happy.gif )

That did a great job fixing things and they sent me home an hour later.

So, all is well but they said they were very happy I came in and that this was something I needed to be aware of. (So, add that to my list!) I have been FORCING tons of water and all has been well since.

I just wanted to you to know that I totally saw what you wrote and took it seriously and am very grateful! happy.gif

All well here! 31 weeks and counting!
Thanks! happy.gif
Sara H

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