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i don't know much, but....

July 1 2012 at 12:41 PM
BroodyHen  (no login)

Response to P4 question

a couple of thoughts:

it is my understanding that high stim is generally bad for women with high FSH and for women over 40. you might do some searches on the over 40 board and read up on high stim. i think it is bad for egg quality, which is particularly bad for us older gals. finding a high FSH friendly doc who works with the over 40 crowd may give you a whole different perspective on your options. having said that, i've never done IVF or IUI, but worked loosely with an RE to do some low-stim TI cycles and just found "success" (i'm only 7wks!) using famara and tiny doses of follistim (learned about famara on the over 40 board).

your question about p4 - i wasn't taking estrogen (can't due to clotting disorder) but was taking p4 on all my cycles, some natural and some low-stim, all TI. i have also taken natural progesterone cream to help boost my progesterone levels. a lot of women swear by that. but from what i've read, vaginal suppositories are the best/most effective.

considering you have gotten pregnant twice i think you have a fighting chance. it just sounds like you need to find the right doctor and protocol. the over 40 board is an amazing resource for those TTC in your circumstances.

good luck!

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