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This reminds me of an experience I had while pumping/BFing... (LOL)

July 3 2012 at 12:42 PM
MargieD  (no login)

Response to WWYD (family related)

In-laws were coming to visit about 3 weeks after DD was born.

We specifically told them not to come after a specific time because I would be pumping and DD needed a nap. In those early days, you try to stick to a schedule for your sanity! happy.gif

Well - they showed up EARLY... minutes after I had started pumping...

I hid in the bedroom while they sat outside on the porch.

They knew I was home and kept banging on the door.

I finished pumping and doing my thing and let them in the door.

It was a HOT day so the FIL wasn't doing well sitting out in the heat. (Why he didn't bring water - I don't know...)

I heard a few times that day how I was rude, etc. They were also upset that DD was napping and I wouldn't wake her up. (She slept another hour or two...)

He was also POed that I wouldn't lift a TV to get the pillows & blankets for them which was stored away in a chest the TV was on top of. Hey - I had just given birth! (Again - they could have brought blankets and pillows!)

Three years later - they still don't get it...

And three years later, I still don't care... happy.gif

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