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another perspective

July 3 2012 at 4:44 PM
Rebekah  (Login Bestbehavior)

Response to WWYD (family related)

Just read above - hoping that the visit on Thursday will go splendid.

A different perspective - I would probably have them come over for a visit, but not go out of your way to drive them places, plan their day etc. When I am not feeling well I like being in my own home and during my 1st trimester I gagged trying to sit in a restaurant. If you don't feel well or need a break you can go upstairs to lie down. This will be good practice for when people want to come over to see the baby! I like the idea of sending a link to your diagnosis and when in doubt I always start the sentence with "the doctor says." Even now I start sentences with "the pediatrician says" when I don't want to deal with an argument.

I know it sounds like you have grown apart but maybe she's trying to make an effort and I always believe that it's better to leave family/friends on a good note in case I never get to see them again. I don't think it's a sign of you being a doormat or someone who can't say "no" especially if you can find the middle road and meet with them one time.

Best of Luck!!

LOL Margie - I had a similar experience w/ my ILs. I clearly remember going upstairs one day to bf, nap and bf again before we came down - 4 hours. ILs were miffed!! But when people come over and you have a little one I like people to help me out not just hold the baby while I do all the work.

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