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It's frustrating, but...

July 3 2012 at 6:17 PM
mel  (no login)

Response to I am sorry you are frustrated but...

as the others have said, there is reassurance in the scan you did have. Granted, it's not the scan you were hoping to get today, which is frustrating, but all is good with your little one, which is great! The waiting definitely sucks, but only two more days and hopefully the little one will be more cooperative then.

The blood test Erin was talking about is fairly new, there are two different companies that do them, I believe, but are generally the same tests...Materniti21 and Harmony something or other. In my experience in CA, they are not covered by insurance. They are very different from an amnio though. This tests for downs syndrome and trisomies only, and not the slew of other tests the amnio does. I had a friend who had the Materniti21 test (paid out of pocket) and she said the research said it was 99% accurate for predicting downs syndrome and trisomies. My OB said it is still a new test and all the data isn't in on it. I'm sure every dr will have their own opinion about it. But, just wanted you to know it is very different than what an amnio tests for.

For now, try to take solace in the scan you had today with your little gal/guy moving all around and a strong hb to boot! Hoping for cooperation on Thursday!

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