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Re: another perspective

July 3 2012 at 7:20 PM
teresa  (no login)

Response to another perspective

Thanks Rebekkah. I read what you wrote.
Honestly I cannot have them here.
We live on one floor and with my husband working I am not up to entertaining them alone. And they won't get the hint and leave if I don't feel well. They always overstay their welcome. From her tone with me, she has not changed. I think its rude when someone tells you they are sick and pregnant that you "invite" youself to my home and not consider my feelings at all. She has zero regard for me, though she wants to visit, she is being forceful and pushy.
By 7pm I go to bed most nights, the latest, 8 pm.
I'm not up to having anyone in my home right now. Last time they came my house was DESTROYED. They place no boundaries on their son and I am not in the mood to have to calm down my dog because he is torturing him and to have to clean up after they leave.
In some ways I feel bad- yes because they are family. But she also hasn't acted like a good family member to me for a long time and I'm just not in the mood to have to go out of my way for her right now when I'm not feeling so hot and knowing the drama she brings. I am going to have to pass this time.

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  1. ahhh sure I get it - Rebekah on Jul 3, 2012, 8:44 PM