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Thanks for all of your help below re. sinus issues

July 5 2012 at 3:37 PM
Anon for this please  (no login)

Thank you all for your advice and helpful warnings! ALM, thanks for posting about Rhinocort. I went to the ENT today and he said he would prescribe Rhinocort (category B, so I guess that's better than C, if not perfect) and I'll use it once at night. Hopefully just a few days of it will be enough.

He also said I could, at the same time, dilute Afrin... I could take the top off, empty it half way and add saline to dilute it and then each time it hits the half way point again, add more saline so it gets continuously diluted.

What do you all think of these two plans? Is category B ok?

He also absolutely without a doubt DISAGREES with my OB and RE about using Sudafed, plain or otherwise, at any point it pregnancy. It's a category C, so he advises against it. So strange that doctors still say it's the only ok med to take!

Thanks again to all of you!

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