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wanted to add

July 8 2012 at 3:02 PM
Mrs. A  (no login)

Response to have them run through your regular prescription benefit

CONGRATS. Duh - should have said that first.

But also wanted to add that if the pharmacy has already run through your prescription coverage and it's rejected for a prior auth, then you should be receiving a notification from your insurance indicating this; it's even possible that the pharmacy received a reject message at POS that contained an 800# for them to call for this PA process. You can also call member services and ask them to review the rejected claim already on file and give you the process for a PA (prior authorization a.k.a. as coverage review) so you can get the ball rolling with that. can call RE's office, give them the member ID and 800 # for your prescription coverage and they can call and advise they calling in to obtain PA for your Rx.

And P.S. - while they're at it, you should have RE call in your Rx to your mail order should be able to get a 3 month supply for a much cheaper co-pay than retail. (you should do this regardless of what form of P4 you go on). This is also a way of getting a BIG supply right now under the factual premise of being BFP, but God forbid this BFP doesn't work out, you will have some P4 support on hand for the next time - but we're going to hope for no "next time"! happy.gif


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