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I'm wondering how many of these delays are caused by OB's delivering early

July 9 2012 at 11:02 AM
Alli  (Login AC2009)

Response to Worth X-posting here - Waiting until at least 39 weeks to give birth

I would guess the delays later are often from parents who are smoking, doing drugs, drinking, etc and causing their own preterm labor. These kids are therefore growing up in a brain delay inducing environment. The major city in my state has the infant mortality rate of Haiti because of stupid choices during pregnancy, no prenatal care, and preterm babies being born because of a mother's addiction.

The women who request to be delivered before 39 weeks are assuming the risk and not making a wise decision.

Studies like this kind of annoy me because it makes women (who made good choices) feel guilty for things they cannot control like pre-eclampsia, cervix problems, and other health reasons requiring an early delivery.

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