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Re: Genetic counseling this morning, recap

July 11 2012 at 4:35 PM
Erin  (no login)

Response to Genetic counseling this morning, recap

So sorry about your uncle. It's so hard to be hit with that when you're already dealing with something else. I too am really glad you opted for the Materni21 test- it seems like a great option in this case. I guess I would also just say, I know you've been through a whole lot (understatement) and so your nerves must be working overtime non-stop during this pregnancy. But, as you wait for your results, there are 2 concrete ways to look at things. You could choose to focus on the 1 in 127 babies in this situation that would be born with Down's. Or, you could choose to focus on the 126 healthy ones. I know it's hard to consciously make that choice, but I think it's worth striving for. After all, I can only begin to tell you how thrilled I would have been in my white board days if someone would have told me that I had a 99.2% chance of having a healthy baby in January! I know it's really hard and there's so much history that goes into where our mind automatically goes, but sometimes it's worth focusing on changing the automatic thoughts, since automatic often doesn't equal accurate. I have this problem myself so I can relate, but wouldn't be being honest if I didn't throw that out there... Wishing you well while you wait.

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