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NT Update...and gender prediction

July 18 2012 at 2:56 PM
Laura  (no login)

I had my NT scan today, baby measured perfectly at 12w4d and the NT measurements were all around 1.5-1.6. happy.gif

Funny story though; for #1, DS was so active and uncooperative that the sonographer made me drink like 2 L of water to "squish" him into position. So I loaded up prior to my scan today, about to burst on the table and baby was so squashed that the sonographer was like "go empty your bladder by about half". I had to do that 2 more times before she was like, "well, just empty it all the way and if I need you to refill we can do that." I was like, are you kidding? I've been dying over here for the past 30 min...So she finally got the measurement after all of that. After baby got some room, we even got to see it doing some frog kicks all around the side of the sack, leading to one picture with a pretty clear bulge. Already having a DS I was pretty sure I recognized it, and the sonographer (although hesitant to confirm past 60/40 odds) said "if I were a betting person...I'd bet on boy".

I was actually shocked. With DS#1, I felt so different. I barely gained any weight, I didn't show or need maternity clothes until 24 weeks, I was barely nauseated, my skin was clear and my chest did not get large or sore. This time, I am over a toilet many times per day, I'm already 10 lbs heavier, too round for my previous maternity clothes, acne is everywhere (no, I'm not "glowing", I'm just greasy), I've grown out of my nursing bras; I was convinced it was a girl. DH really wanted a girl too. DS#1 is a pretty cool dude, so I'd be thrilled for another kid like him, but I'm just a little disappointed that there aren't any pink tutus in my future. :/ I hope I don't sound like too much of a horrible person.

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