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July 18 2012 at 8:30 PM
Erin  (no login)

Response to I had headaches the whole time with DS

Not what I wanted to hear (about the HAs continuing through the pg) but at least I'm not alone... sad.gif Sorry you had to deal with that through your last pg. I have been drinking diluted gatorade alternating with water, but maybe I should try increasing the ratio of gatorade to h20. Hopefully that will help! I think I probably also need to be really careful to make sure I have frequent snacks b/c I think my blood sugar may have dipped a bit this morning before the HA (it got somewhat better with a little food). I will tell my NP, but I've been such a PITA, I think I'll give her a break and hold off a bit... wink.gif I'm out of work right now so I don't have anyone around me to ask, plus everyone I ever worked with was quick to point any pg woman in the direction of an OB/midwife with any concerns. In my experience, most primary care docs are not at all comfortable with pregnancy. In any case, thanks so much for responding and hope you're feeling much better soon!

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