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Its ridiculous And minimizing

July 20 2012 at 5:20 PM
Wren  (no login)

Response to Right. That's an allergy. Allergies are documented.

To say that that was an allergy. His mom gets really angry when people say that. He will never be the same after it. The vaccine caused swelling in his brain which led to the headaches. he no longer has the headaches but he isn't the same kid. Her "trying" could have cost him his life! Perhaps you can take that flippantly but she sure doesn't! She's not an advocate for vaccines. She also doesn't preach against them but fights for parental rights to choose... Much like circumcision.

Many states give parents the right to not vaccinate. There are reasons for this that are important. I just really dislike The insinuation that non-vaccing parents are somehow irresponsible parents. I am not an irresponsible parent for doing alternate vaccing and my other friends who don't vaccinate are great parents too. The friends who did vaccinate did so responsibly too. Meanwhile there are some friends who simply did what they were told without research or anything! I think they might qualify as somewhat irresponsible for not even researching what they are choosing or not.

What other parenting rights are we giving over to you to make, Laura?

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  1. I never got personal. I'm out. Nt. - Laura on Jul 20, 2012, 5:48 PM