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thank you so much for the support!

July 30 2012 at 6:42 PM
BroodyHen  (no login)

Response to results. sort of...

i really appreciate it that you all took the time to read my long post and respond. i take comfort from it, really. believe it or not, i'm not that stressed out. i've been really super busy with work and that helps keep my mind off it. but it is a mind-bender no matter how i slice it, and the pendulum just swings back and forth -- one minute i'm all in for an amnio and just ready for a definitive answer, the next i can't believe i'd even consider an amnio for a second and am ready to just move forward regardless. at 43 and with all the autoimmune/clotting stuff this is definitely my very last chance, so the stakes just feel really high. anyway, i am taking all your good advice and focusing on the good news and waiting to see what the retest with verify says. i'll let you know when i know...

thanks again!

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