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Thanks for the advice (child ment)

July 31 2012 at 10:30 AM
Katherine  (Login Gryphon4)

Response to Info for you...

Hi everyone,

Teresa, I've been reading your story since I got back (not commenting since it was all in the past by then), and I'm so very glad that it turned out well!

Yes, I was wondering whether there was additional bloodwork to be done. They did offer me the choice of an amnio (like Teresa, I don't want to risk it) or a second trimester blood screening that they say is 80% effective. I didn't know about the materniT21, so I'll ask by OB about that at my appointment today.

Really, it's not as though we'd abort the pregnancy even if something was wrong, so the only advantage would be peace of mind (or a total freak out) for us. With my first pregnancy, my odds based on age were something like 1 in 250, and the nuchal tube scan revised that to something more like 1 in 2500--which was a huge relief. I was hoping for a similar experience this time around, and now knowing that my odds are apparently 1 in 80 based on my age (soon to be 39), I would like some reassurance. In the meantime, I'm just trying to keep calm and carry on--a 3-year old is good for keeping you in the moment!

Thanks for the advice, and best of luck to everyone.


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