August 2 2012 at 2:16 PM
mel  (no login)

Response to Just to clarify based on what I've been told...

"the false positive rate is not just high for women who are AMA- it is true across women of all ages"

This statement from Erin is so true and I am living proof. With my DD's pregnancy 4 years ago, my odds from the NT bloodwork screening were WAY worse than they were for this pregnancy and I'm 4 years older now. I was 33 at the time and given a 1:105 chance of DS. The nurse and genetic counselor also told me that the false positive rate for this screening is high. (Ultimately, I had an amnio b/c I couldn't deal with that stress and anxiety.) Needless to say, my DD is perfect and healthy.

I think once this result is combined with the quad screen, then it paints a clearer picture and gets even more clear with the anatomy/level II scan, if people don't feel comfortable with the invasive procedures.

Regardless, it can all be so frustrating. Wishing you the best, Broody.

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