barging in on the sleeping!

August 6 2012 at 10:34 PM
Rebekah  (Login Bestbehavior)

Response to Thanks for the update and you aren't alone!

I had challenges sleeping. By 20 weeks I had this crazy system with 3+ pillows of all different lengths, fills etc. I thought the OB was crazy suggesting the set up but it was heaven. I really felt like I was breaking up with my pillows when I finally had a baby! My husband was oh so glad to see them go. I had a full body pillow that my head partially rested on but that I put between my legs. So my knees, breasts, and future growing belly rested on the pillow. I had another pillow for my head. And a third pillow that I rolled up - I think it was feather and I tucked behind the small of my back. Back support is huge for the belly and chest. So try out different positions. I started sleeping so much better with my pillow system!

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