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I live in San Antonio (past success ment and m/c ment)

August 7 2012 at 11:14 PM
futurebeauty  (no login)

Response to Seems to take an act of congress

I go to Dr. H i g s b y and he is very very personable and dedicated to his profession. I would call tomorrow to see if he will fit you it. He has worked well w/ me in the past when I was pg w/ twins before I suffered my losses. He even allowed his nurses to draw my blood to test for NK cells and DQ Alpha and we sent the blood to labs out of town. He does not specialize in all the immune testing but he still listened to me and helped me out.

I also went to Dr. M c F a r l a n d for DS yrs ago and she was good but very curt and dry and not very personable.

I spaced out the names for the privacy of the doctors.

I wish you the best of luck. I so hope that some one can perform the cerclage.

Fingers crossed,


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