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WOW! Thank you all!!!!!

August 15 2012 at 11:32 AM
Sara H  (no login)

Response to Labor being induced next week...

What great advice and note, DH and I have read over them all! You ladies really are the best! happy.gif

I see my OB today and will have a long chat with her. "Gone fshn", you bring up a really good point as my levels have been lower again... I'll be chatting wit her about that!
(And, have I ever mentioned how cleaver I think your online name is? I LOVE a good pun! happy.gif)

I am good with the c-section, I think, it's still the recovery (which is seems like everyone is saying is different for each person) and the first hour away from baby that I am really hesitant on. I am really looking forward to that "skin-on-skin" experience if we get to have it.

And thank you all for the good wishes and thoughts! It does feel like time has gone quickly but the reality for having this kiddo within a week is FREAKY! I mean, you get told you can't play in the big leagues but you train for the big leagues, you beat the odds and qualify for the big leagues, you beat the odds again and a team picks you... but then you get your uniform and you think, "What now? You mean I actually get to PLAY now?" It's want we have wanted and dreamed of and prayed for but it's a whole new ball game! (Though, the 1,000,000 dollar contract would really help about now! happy.gif)

Ekkkk! happy.gif

(Sorry, going to a game tonight, if I feel up to it, so I have baseball on the brain!)

I'll post an update here with what the OB says today...

Again, thank you so much for all the advice and thoughts, they are so very helpful.

Love to all,
Sara H

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