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August 15 2012 at 5:55 PM
Sara H  (no login)

Response to Labor being induced next week...

Yeah, so nothing has moved. My cervix is still very high, a bit soft, very closed and anterior. She is totally on board for me doing a c-section, not wild about inductions.

So, this is the current plan:

Checked tomorrow for fluid levels and see where that stands as a sudden drop is a game changer. Not expecting that as movement seems about the same.
If nothing is wrong:
We go in again to the specialist on Monday and and get checked again for levels, then back to OB. If nothing has changed we go to the hospital that night and try a dose to get me started. My OB only gives that about a 50% of working for me so we'll give it a night and one go (not the three they could do which she worries will just exhaust me.) If in the morning nothing has moved we go to a c-section on Tuesday. She does NOT want me to keep trying, keep getting checked and such and end up with a section anyway. She says the recovery on a planned section is much easier and they can get me out of the hospital faster, which she really likes to see happen.

So, that looks like the plan. I, at this point, am leaning toward the c-section for so many of the reasons you all listed and since my OB seems to be leaning that way, too. The fact that none of the Dr.s are wild about the idea of laboring for a while and then switching makes me think this might be wise.

That in mind, if we go in on Monday, they give me the meds, I respond really well and can do this the old fashion way... kind'a... then all the better.

Again, thank you all for your words of wisdom and support!
Sara H

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