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August 17 2012 at 10:42 AM
Sara H  (no login)

Response to Just some humor.

I sent it to a bunch of friends, thank you for posting! Very funny and sarcastic!

But... if total strangers don't tel me in the store, how DO I know my own child is tired???? happy.gif

Sara H

(However, when I worked at Disney, it was so scary how many parents thought their child was "just tired" or "a little flushed with heat" and we had to tell them (since we were all trained to spot it) that no, their child had dehydration and needed salty water and to go to first-aid. Especially a few guests from Great Britain who were just not used to that kind of heat in gerneral, let their kids drink pop all day (since they were on holiday) and want the children to "get some sun" so had skipped the sunblock! EEEKKK!)

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