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  • ugh...spotting :(
    • Amy (Login Aimes25)
      Posted Apr 28, 2012 8:21 AM

      So when I got home from work last night I was having some yucky pains...felt like bowel pressure and menstral cramps and they came in waves of intensity. I counted 5 of the "waves" in an hour so I talked to the midwife on call and she said to try some milk of mag, lots of water and just keep an eye on it. My night went ok...I think it got a little better. But now this morning, the milk of mag is working and I'm releasing my bowels, but I've started spotting...oh joy. I called again and she just said it could be irritation from being constipated and to give it some time and see how it goes.

      I reminded her I have an abdominal cerclage and can not labor but she still didn't seem concerned. Did any of you ladies deal with any spotting in the last few weeks of your pregnancy? I'm 36w1d today. I know it's not coming from my anus...definitely my vagina. I just hope it doesn't come back.

      TTC: Since Nov. 2006
      Diagnosis: Ovarian Dysfunction & PCOS
      28 Years Old
      cd3 FSH 16.8
      cd10 FSH 13.6
      7 Unmonitored Cycles of Clomid
      3 Unmonitored Cycles of Letrozole
      Positive CCCT
      TAB for cysts
      1st Cycle of 150iu of Menopur with Timed BDing - 5 mature follies - BFN
      TAB for cysts
      2nd Cycle of 150iu of Menopur with Timed Intercourse - 4 mature follies in play - BFN
      3rd Cycle of 150 iu of Menopur with Timed Intercourse - 2 follies - BFN
      1st Cycle of Gonal F - 1 follie & cyst on right - BFN
      TAB for a cycle
      2nd Cycle of Gonal F = BFP!!!!!
      11dpo Beta=27.9
      14dpo Beta=120
      16dpo Beta=210
      18dpo Beta=429
      21dpo Beta=1064
      5w6d - baby measuring 3mm, h/b 101
      6w6d - baby measuring 6mm, h/b 126
      7w6d - baby 18mm, h/b 171, measuring ahead at 8w2d! RE noticed enlarged yolk sac so keeping a close eye on that
      8w6d - baby 2.52cm with h/b of 174
      9w5d - baby 3.22cm with h/b of 180 measuring 10w1d
      10w6d - baby 4.34cmcm with h/b of 174 measuring 11w1d
      12w u/s showed baby at 11.2cm with h/b of 162 - unfortunately, that evening I suffered a horrible m/c of a chromosomally NORMAL girl.... RIP my angel were loved....

      Gonal F with Timed Intercourse-2WW
      First cycle of Gonal F with Timed Intercourse since m/c - BFN
      2nd Cycle of Gonal F with Timed Intercourse - BFN
      TAB for a month on bcp's
      3rd Cycle of Gonal F - BFP
      -11dpo beta=14.9
      -14dpo beta=45.7
      -16dpo beta=140
      -18dpo beta=366
      u/s at 6w1d showed heart-rate of 114!!!!
      u/s at 7w1d showed heart-rate of 141!!!!
      u/s at 8w showed heart-rate of 179
      u/s at 9w showed 2 SCH's, h/r of 197
      u/s at 10w showed h/r of 175
      u/s at 11w showed h/r of 180
      u/s at 12 w showed h/r of 188
      12w2d...m/c'd baby at home, lost too much blood, had to have emergency D&C...severely was a chromosomally normal boy sad.gif
      -developed a blood clot in leg 1 1/2 wks post D&C...saw a hematologist and had testing done and everything came back normal, will still treat me with Lovenex on next pregnancy

      -First cycle since m/c....Gonal F, triggered with 8 mature follies, T/I - BFP!
      -13dpo beta 106, progesterone 21.4
      -15dpo beta 260, progesterone 12.2
      -16dpo beta 411, progesterone 16
      -20dpo beta 845, progesterone 19 (went in for u/s to rule out ectopic, couldn't see anything yet, but lining was thick)
      -22dpo beta 1158, progesterone 18
      -24dpo beta 1655, progesterone 20
      -5w?? u/s showed 2 measuring 4w0d, the other measuring 5w1d....possibly vanishing twin???
      -6w u/s showed TWINS! 2 h/r's....121, 119. both measuring 6w1d! SCH 1cm
      -At 7w pg, tested positive for lupus anticoagulant, on lovenox to treat it, TSH was 2.55
      -7w2d u/s showed 2 babies measuring 7w4d & 7w3d, h/r's 158 & 153! SCH 2cm
      -8w1d u/s showed 2 babies measuring 8w3d & 8w2d, h/r's 185 & 179! SCH 3cm
      -10w2d u/s showed we lost baby A measuring 9w1d and had no h/ B measured 10w1d with a h/r of 180...praying for Baby B to hang on, SCH gone, started thyroid med
      -11w1d u/s showed Baby B measuring right on track, h/r of 174
      -12w1d had a red bleeding episode & u/s showed Baby B measuring 1 day ahead and a h/r of 168, bleeding likely caused by Baby A's passing
      -13w1d had some red spotting & u/s showed Baby B measuring 2 days behind and h/r of 157 measured 14w3d...and I suffered a horrible, very sudden miscarriage...another angel baby...that makes 4.
      Saw Dr Mary Stephenson at U of Chicago for recurrent pregnancy loss....dx with Lupus Anticoagluant and Incompetent Cervix, will be treated with lovenox
      5-25-11 - Had a Transabdominal Cerclage placed by Dr Haney at U of Chicago

      Gonal F with Timed Intercourse (self medicated/unmonitored) BFN
      Gonal F with Timed Intercourse: 7 follies in play - BFP at 10dpo!!!
      12dpo hcg level 80.5, progesterone 16.8
      14dpo hcg level 295, progesterone 18
      6w3d u/s showed 1 baby with a h/r of 120, measuring 6w4d
      7w3d u/s showed baby with h/r of 160, measuring 7w3d
      7w5d u/s showed a possibility of TWINS! Baby A (the original) measured 8w, h/r 167...Baby B, hiding in the upper uterus measured 6w6d, h/r 176...time will tell if Baby B will make it
      8w4d u/s showed Baby A doing well measuring 8w4d and h/r of 185....Baby B measured 7w3d and no h/r detected sad.gif My 5 angels better help me out through the rest of all this
      9w5d u/s showed Baby A measring 9w5d, h/r 188
      10w5d u/s showed Baby A measuring good, h/r 175
      11w3d u/s shoed Baby A measuring 11w4d, h/r 169
      12w6d u/s showed Baby A measuring 13w2d, h/r of 167
      13w5d u/s showed Baby A measuring 13w6d, h/r of 156
      15w5d u/s showed Baby Girl measuring about a week ahead! h/r 164
      17w4d u/s showed Baby Girl with a h/r of 156, cervix measuring 5cm+
      19w4d, u/s showed Baby Girl with a h/r of 151, cervix measuring 5cm
      23w4d, u/s showed Baby Girl with h/r of 149, cervix measuring 5cm. Baby weighed 1lb 14oz and is in the 80th percentile...her belly in the 97th....talked a little big about GD
      27w4d, u/s showed Baby Girl with h/r of 151, cervix measuring weighed 3lb 4oz, 87th percentile, pass GD test!
      29w4d u/s showed Baby Girl with h/r of 148, cervix 5cm
      31w4d u/s showed Baby Girl with h/r of 129, cervix 5cm and weight is 5lb 5oz! BIG GIRL!!!
      35+ weeks and counting!
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