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Mrs. A

June 24 2011 at 10:10 PM
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I saw your post to my taking it easy post. I wanted to let you know that I read what you call the long version of your story. I believe I started it late last Friday night and when I looked up I was like geeee its so past my bedtime. first good for you to be so patient when writing that down. It has been quite a journey for you and your husband. Reading it, you remember all the crap stuff you have to go to get here and the stuff you want to forget. God love you, you are quite a strong individual. It takes a lot to stand up to these doctors sometimes and tell them what is really going on in your body.. b/c you own it and operate it.

My dh and I are extremely happy at this "sponteous" pregnancy. Yet, I can't truly be happy till we meet the mc hurdle which is twelve and a half weeks. I pray like I am a nun. We got our first u/s and the woman was like acting like I got pregnant on my wedding night. I am like, did you look at my file.. iuis, ivfs, canceled ivfs and donor too.

I don't want to be a debbie downer or have a negative slants to all my posts b/c I am not like that. I just want this baby to make it.
Its funny, I have been lurking at a few different boards and I can understand people's reluctance at donors, however after a lot of soul searching, my desire out weighed my pride just to have a baby of my own.
I am not a bible thumper by any means but I am trying to keep the faith.

How far along are you if you don't mind me asking? I hope to share this experience with you thru the end.

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Mrs. A
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June 25 2011, 10:56 AM 

Maybe change your screen name from Newbie to Nunbie? happy.gif I know what you mean. This process will bring the religion out in anyone! I have found it comforting to pray. I get on my knees every night and pray and pray. I pray to St. Anne and St. Gerard. I know that my prayers have been heard so far.

I definitely know what you mean about waiting until the 12 week mark. It's what we did. We didn't say a peep to anyone until we were 12 weeks. And in the days leading up to that 12 week mark I posted here anonymously because I was too scared to even reveal myself here. Even when someone asked me offline if I was the anon poster with the PG I didn't fess up. wink.gif I just couldn't bring myself to admit that it was me, in this unbelievable situation.

The reason you're comment struck me is that during my journey I'd consulted with someone of the "spiritual kind" who told me I was afraid of motherhood. THAT made no sense to me whatsoever - I was busting my a$$ trying to have a baby, how could I possibly be afraid?! I was afraid of NOT being a mother, not the other way around!

Then, once I became PG with OE, "on the way to the donor egg clinic", I recalled what this person had said. Every so often I do wonder if there was something at play there spiritually and the fact that I finally embraced DE, that it was a way of me freeing myself of any fear of motherhood and that opened my channels. WHO KNOWS and I'm sure if anyone is reading this they are probably rolling there eyes.

I am 27W2D and due Sept. 22. Have you gotten an official due date yet? Hang in there. I won't lie - it's so freaking hard to remain calm and patient but stay as positive as possible. Thank God it's the summer, right? At least with good weather you can go out for a stroll or a swim somewhere and take the edge off.

P.S. - I half-laughed about your first u/s visit. My u/s tech, aside from some technical issues, sort of had an attitude like that too. I felt like punching her.

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Re: Nunbie

June 26 2011, 5:48 PM 

I like the nunbie, I might have to start using it, you will so get the copyright. It is so true though, the minute I have nothing in my mind its all to prayer.
Based on the first u/s I am due the second week of February. I am hoping that when I go back for my next u/s its the same woman so I don't have to explain it all. I am totally surprised it doesn't have a alert that I am so type A and a freak of nature. Oh, September is right around the corner for you. You are so close. We are excited for the summer to be over b/c that will mean first trimester in the bag.

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Re: Nunbie

June 29 2011, 2:00 PM 

I always HATED when people told me you just have to take it easy and it will happen!

It was like a slap in the face, having gone through so much crap and having them tell you that is like you are the one that's getting in the middle of getting pregnant.

Well, having said that, we also got pregnant spontaneously having given up on this crazyness, on a cycle where I had no idea even when my LMP was, so they gave me a due date based on US date, because I was so disconnected from TTC I had no idea when I had my period. I was over a week late when I realized that I had missed my period, or at least thought I did...

So if there is something good about relaxing, I think there must be, I can't still say that's all that people need to do to conceive, I'm sure good luck is the biggest factor here, getting the one golden egg that works.

Congrats to both of you!


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03/11/2011 BFN
03/12/2011 Decided to not cycle or TTC anymore.
04/26/2011 Missed my period by 4 days, tested and got a BFP
05/15/2011 6w4d - Saw baby and heartbeat
05/23/2011 7w5d - Baby is doing great
06/28/2011 13w1d - Baby is growing like weed, almost out of the first trimester!

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