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absolute final word on this nonsense

June 27 2011 at 10:31 AM
juliemam (grad/co-mod)  (Login juliemam)
Group #172004

ok kids, you couldn't play nice and now I am seething.

no more attacking posts for any reason. You have a problem with what someone posts? be polite. period. If you feel you can't EMAIL the moderators. simple. See our email above in the wordy chunk at the top of the forum.

Anons, it's FINE to be anon but if an anon has responded or started a thread, the next anon responding will HAVE to choose a fake name--choose your first pet's name, I don't care but these multitudes of "anons" and "lurkers" is driving me around the bend. If you can't stand behind your post then perhaps you shouldn't be posting it (in other words, it's to nasty. If you are genuinely too nervous to post a tentative +htp, then follow my advice and post using your pet's name or your street name or something. I know it can be hard to come up with a name on the spot so I am giving you suggestions)

I will not delete anon posts as stated in the forum's welcome message BUT keep in mind how confusing it can be. and be polite.

final word. "explanations" for past actions will be deleted. period.
If you need to discuss further email me.


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