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8w3d and counting!

June 19 2012 at 4:09 PM
Laura  (no login)

The bean measured at 8w5d with a hb of 173. Everything seems to be fine! except for the crushing nausea...I actually vomited a few days ago. So now bell pepper, one of my favorite foods, is off the table...oh, and the constipation is a blast, too.

Isn't pregnancy glamorous?

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Congratulations! And on nausea...

June 19 2012, 4:46 PM 

That is awesome! I'm so happy for you! It's funny how we've got Teresa about a week ahead of me and I'm about a week ahead of you... Kinda fun to watch the progression! happy.gif In any case, my nausea could in no way be described as "crushing" but just in case this might help you- I have been carrying around a bad of almonds everywhere I go. At the first sign of any nausea, I eat a few and it really helps (I think maybe the bit of protein and dryness of the almond helps). I talked to the NP at my OB's office and told her I was doing that and she said she actually suggests almonds to all her patients for nausea (she likes to recommend the salted ones, but I'm a bigger fan of plain). No idea if this would help you, but just thought I'd pass it on. In any case, sounds like you're doing great! Yay!!!

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Awesome (the nausea -not so much!)

June 19 2012, 5:11 PM 

Congrats on a great u/s and the heart rate being so strong, that's a huge plus!!

I am 10 weeks 2 days today and my nausea has gotten much worse (I have heard it peaks at 9 or 10 weeks?). For the past 2 weeks, I wake up at 2-4am with it and the only thing that helps me is to EAT- so I do dry whole wheat toast with slight grape jelly, for some reason that helps ge rid of it almost immediately for me. I never know when it's going to hit and when it does, oh boy! No heaving, no vomiting- just nausea, on and off all day.

I love love LOVE almonds but they were very constipating for me personally, then my Dr told me that they indeed can cause constipation. As soon as I stopped, my constipation went away and (knock wood) I haven't had a problem in that department since. I miss them so sad.gif Also, my OB told me the constipation makes the nausea worse, and it's okay to take colace 2x a day. I personally have not taken colace at all, but I know it's okay to if it gets bad again. Upping water helped me tremednously when I went through a bad bad time with constipation at about 4-5 weeks. Though when you're nauseaus- the last thing you want is water, I know! Hopefully yours will pass! FEEL BETTER!

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prune juice is the only thing that helped me with constipation

June 19 2012, 9:59 PM 

I tried fiber mixed in water...stool softners, you name it. sad.gif Prune juice, as awful as it tasted was the only thing that worked. And the occassional cup of coffee helped too. wink.gif

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7w6d - baby 18mm, h/b 171, measuring ahead at 8w2d! RE noticed enlarged yolk sac so keeping a close eye on that
8w6d - baby 2.52cm with h/b of 174
9w5d - baby 3.22cm with h/b of 180 measuring 10w1d
10w6d - baby 4.34cmcm with h/b of 174 measuring 11w1d
12w u/s showed baby at 11.2cm with h/b of 162 - unfortunately, that evening I suffered a horrible m/c of a chromosomally NORMAL girl.... RIP my angel were loved....

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u/s at 7w1d showed heart-rate of 141!!!!
u/s at 8w showed heart-rate of 179
u/s at 9w showed 2 SCH's, h/r of 197
u/s at 10w showed h/r of 175
u/s at 11w showed h/r of 180
u/s at 12 w showed h/r of 188
12w2d...m/c'd baby at home, lost too much blood, had to have emergency D&C...severely was a chromosomally normal boy sad.gif
-developed a blood clot in leg 1 1/2 wks post D&C...saw a hematologist and had testing done and everything came back normal, will still treat me with Lovenex on next pregnancy

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-20dpo beta 845, progesterone 19 (went in for u/s to rule out ectopic, couldn't see anything yet, but lining was thick)
-22dpo beta 1158, progesterone 18
-24dpo beta 1655, progesterone 20
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-6w u/s showed TWINS! 2 h/r's....121, 119. both measuring 6w1d! SCH 1cm
-At 7w pg, tested positive for lupus anticoagulant, on lovenox to treat it, TSH was 2.55
-7w2d u/s showed 2 babies measuring 7w4d & 7w3d, h/r's 158 & 153! SCH 2cm
-8w1d u/s showed 2 babies measuring 8w3d & 8w2d, h/r's 185 & 179! SCH 3cm
-10w2d u/s showed we lost baby A measuring 9w1d and had no h/ B measured 10w1d with a h/r of 180...praying for Baby B to hang on, SCH gone, started thyroid med
-11w1d u/s showed Baby B measuring right on track, h/r of 174
-12w1d had a red bleeding episode & u/s showed Baby B measuring 1 day ahead and a h/r of 168, bleeding likely caused by Baby A's passing
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8w4d u/s showed Baby A doing well measuring 8w4d and h/r of 185....Baby B measured 7w3d and no h/r detected sad.gif My 5 angels better help me out through the rest of all this
9w5d u/s showed Baby A measring 9w5d, h/r 188
10w5d u/s showed Baby A measuring good, h/r 175
11w3d u/s shoed Baby A measuring 11w4d, h/r 169
12w6d u/s showed Baby A measuring 13w2d, h/r of 167
13w5d u/s showed Baby A measuring 13w6d, h/r of 156
15w5d u/s showed Baby Girl measuring about a week ahead! h/r 164
17w4d u/s showed Baby Girl with a h/r of 156, cervix measuring 5cm+
19w4d, u/s showed Baby Girl with a h/r of 151, cervix measuring 5cm
23w4d, u/s showed Baby Girl with h/r of 149, cervix measuring 5cm. Baby weighed 1lb 14oz and is in the 80th percentile...her belly in the 97th....talked a little big about GD
27w4d, u/s showed Baby Girl with h/r of 151, cervix measuring weighed 3lb 4oz, 87th percentile, pass GD test!
29w4d u/s showed Baby Girl with h/r of 148, cervix 5cm
31w4d u/s showed Baby Girl with h/r of 129, cervix 5cm and weight is 5lb 5oz! BIG GIRL!!!
35+ weeks and counting!
Started contracting at 36w, had c-section at 36w2d, Welcome to the world Baby Lorelei, 6lb 11oz and perfectly healthy!!!!

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Yay on the scan!

June 20 2012, 12:48 AM 

Great news that the scan went so well! As far as the nausea...ugh! I had it really bad (throwing up almost daily and round the clock nausea) and so like you, I know what it is like to have to give up your favorite foods. Hopefully you will be able to introduce them back in a few weeks time. Lifesavers, hard candies, and sour candies helped me to be able to get through my work day at least...oh, and popsicles too.

Congrats again on the good scan!!

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Sara H
(no login)

So glad! It's a great feeling, right? :-)

June 20 2012, 11:36 AM 

To "see" what is going on? love that!

Stay cool, depending on where in the country you are!
Sara H

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Thanks ladies! :)

June 20 2012, 12:29 PM 

It was relieving to see the hb. I didn't see it at first and the tech was silent for several minutes while she took measurements and then she did the "guided tour" of my pelvis and measured the hb. I was shaking bc right before that point I thought I had another mc.

I am taking meds when the nausea gets so bad that I worry about being able to keep DS safe, but ugh. Eating makes it worse because no matter how little I eat, I get instant heartburn. I force myself to eat small pieces of cracker or apple or toast every hour or so with some ginger ale and a glass of water, but it doesn't make me feel better. That's interesting about the almonds. I haven't heard of that one. But the thought of eating almonds right now is making me gag.

Stay cool...hahaha...sorry that thought doesn't register. I live in AZ. Supposed to be 106 today....and every day until Sunday when it cools down to a balmy 99.

Thanks for reminding me about the prune juice, Amy! I remember that from being in the hospital. Colace never worked for me, and I took several per day on bed rest. The nurse brought me some warm prune juice after I delivered and while I nearly gagged on it, it did the trick.

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Group #172004

glad for this update

June 20 2012, 8:20 PM 

nausea is such a pain. I had to take vitamin b6 to calm it down and it helped otherwise I'd have gone to the Dr for a 'script so I am glad you have something for that.

Prune juice was the only thing that helped me. Like Amy, the other stuff didn't do anything for me, made me feel worse, actually.

I never knew that about almonds, that is very interesting.


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~~DS was conceived naturally the cycle following a cancelled DE IVF, using my good friend's eggs. She was on the verge of hyperstimming.
~~DD's nat conception I attribute to using OPKs like a crazy nut, eating grapefruit daily and using preseed. also 5 cycles of TCM ending 2 cycles before that lucky cycle.

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(Login lovemysis)


June 21 2012, 3:39 PM 

Congratulations Laura! I am so happy to hear that everything is going well for you! I am sorry that I don't have much advice about the nausea but I hope you are feeling better soon. : )

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Thanks jm and t! nt.

June 23 2012, 10:25 AM 

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Me, too!

June 25 2012, 11:09 AM 

Hi, Laura,

You're just about 4 days ahead of me! Isn't the nausea awful? Nothing to recommend. . . it's pretty much constant for me, though better if I don't let my stomach get completely empty. Glad all is going well!

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