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Meg, is it you?

July 7 2012 at 2:52 PM
DarriasD  (Login darrias)

Meg is it you from over 40? How are the kiddos? Im officially back (I hope, met with Dr C). If results ok Im going to move forward with IVF next month. Of course theres the CCCT issues I must deal with (if you have a chance check out my request on the over 40's). Work with insurance after nearly 3 years! Hoping on a good omen.

So how are the boys adjusting to their bro?


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(Login NateDog03)

Hey there! (PG, kids ment.)

July 7 2012, 10:57 PM 

How are you? I've thought of you often over the last several months, so it's so good to hear from you! It's great to hear that you'll be moving forward with IVF. If I remember correctly you had a good response with IUIs so I'll be thinking good thoughts for you during your IVF.

OK, just looked at your post on the O40 board. Personally, I wouldn't take the Clomid. I've taken it a couple of times and it messed up my cycles and, of course, I flunked the CCT. But, I was under 40 at the time, so it didn't screw up my insurance coverage. I was supposed to take it the cycle following the one in which I conceived DS#3, but since I got PG, I didn't. BUT, I wasn't planning on taking it because my insurance wouldn't cover my cycles if I flunked it what with my being over 40 at that point.

Also, I probably would go in a little early. My FSH has been lower on cd 2 (haven't done cd1).

DSs are doing well. DS#2 has really been acting out, so that's a challenge. DS#3 is a sweetie. Pretty low key and sweet happy.gif

Thanks for the call out, and for checking in. Keep me posted!!


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