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Which Jackass starts a thread on a Panerai forum, then posts a Rolex DeepSea

June 18 2017 at 12:47 PM
Tom  (Login usedcarswegot)
from IP address

A special type of dick that never posts on a Rolex Forum.

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TheType of Jerk that starts a new thread before writing condolences to ROBNY WORTHLESS A$$

June 18 2017, 3:02 PM 

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(Login BigJoePilot)

no doubt! this dude is special. he's despised by many, yet

June 19 2017, 12:58 PM 

he posts.
I don't get why a used car salesman in Pennsylvania would want a deep sea.
He must love top heavy watches with weirdly skinny bracelets.

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(Login RossRoss1)
Viapaneristi preferred

Sad to see you are still as childish as ever. I forgot about you long ago, but I guess it

June 20 2017, 10:58 AM 

is nice to know I haven't left your mind although a little scary. There comes a time in life, maybe you're just not there, that we grow up and focus on the important things in life. I wish you the best and hope you come to terms with whatever causes this deep routed hatred you have for me.

The Moderators and owners do everything in their power and ability to make Paneristi.com a seamless and enjoyable watch enthusiast's website. Despite the antiquated forum software, occasional troll or scammer, or flame post, we are pretty good at keeping the site all about Panerai, Paneristi and the Community that has been built here over the past 14+ years.

When a controversy arises, we discuss the situation privately and try our best to make a decision, always keeping in mind that we must decide what is in the best interests of the Community. No decision is made in a vacuum. All Moderators and owners discuss the situation and a consensus is reached. And great lengths are taken to keep these matters private, and professional. We simply don't want to open the forum and community to divisive matters, gossip, debate over personalities, etc.

In the very vast majority of cases, disputes and disagreements are resolved in a mature and professional manner and nobody is the wiser. A handshake of sorts is made and everyone involved walks away. Some great friendships have been made here doing just this. Nobody is embarrassed or shamed and life goes on. No grudges or resentments are kept and we maintain the Community aspect of P.Com. In short, it doesn't distract from the Community here.

Unfortunately, some people are incapable of resolving disputes in a mature and professional manner. It becomes a full time game and distracts the Moderators from letting the forum be what it is intended to be - a congenial gathering place for fans of Panerai. We have been patient and tolerant of Yoel for some years now (yes, years). He has been given many, many opportunities to resolve his differences with us. Instead, he has taken to name-calling, proxy posting, drama and barraging our emails with argument and insults. He has insulted Moderators and ownership on other sites. He has made repeated false statements about us, on our own site and elsewhere. He engages in character assassination and the pettiest of conduct.

If you examine the responses to his Reference Check on the Collector's market, you will get a feel for just how exasperated Yoel has made the Moderators and Owners.
These responses were not made lightly and were intended to tell Yoel that he continues to be unwelcome here. You should also know that this is really just a ploy by Yoel to achieve reinstatement. In the days leading up to the reference check, he had requested and been declined reinstatement, entirely due to his own conduct. When he was unable to get what he wanted from us, he tried to make this into a public campaign. While he may be a reliable trading or commercial partner, he is not welcome here for any purpose. His posts will continue to be deleted on sight by Moderators. The post was given a sticky in part to alert the community of our dealings with Yoel and to convey the message to Yoel that we, as a group, had exceeded our patience with his childishness.

We regret having to make this statement. Unfortunately, it appears to be the only way we can be rid of him until he has a wholesale change in his personality, outlook and means of resolving matters.

Locking this now and hoping it is the end.

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(Login Yoelfuld)
Viapaneristi Public Forum

this is the saddest thing I've seen this week.You searched to 12/2014 ?

June 26 2017, 4:15 PM 

Yeah, you haven't left my mind, because you're the dope being discussed here, starting off wruw posts, on a panerai site, without a panerai. Stop being a dope and you'll be forgotten completely.

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