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Well guys (and gals)...

April 13 2006 at 5:53 AM

AlbertoS  (Login Alberto_S)

...I did not want to stir anyone in any direction when I asked the question, but it appears that we all share the same feelings, and worries!

I too believe that these days DR designs are getting cross-pollinated more and more by GG's DNA. After all, though they operate two separate brands with their own identities, the teams and in many respects one and the same, and this - I speculate - is starting to show. Especially as my undersating is that much of the team in place right now is actually of GG extraction.

I long for the days of those beautiful ruthenium and silver dials, which were so typical of the brand's early days.

Though I understand DR's rationale of wanting to make the brand more dynamic and appeal to a larger segment of consumers, I wish they would not simply cast aside the traditional look of the brand, and keep it alive each year in one or two models. They did this for a while, but in the past couple of years they seem to have mioved away from it entirely...

Could you imagine how an Athys would look, for exemple, with a "traditional" two-level Roth dial?

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