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I believe that it is normal...

June 2 2006 at 8:30 AM

AlbertoS  (Login Alberto_S)

Response to Maybe you or Alberto can answer this

...though the exact timing changes on each individual watch. Both indications (i.e. hours and minutes) and not "direct" from the wheels, as is the case with hands, but are based on starwheels, springs, and finges which make them jump or deploy. Both are bound to have some play in them, and both, though they can be adjusted, will probably change a little with time. In some instances, these can play agaist eachother (i.e. the hours can jump a tad late and the minute indicator deploy a tad early), thus exacerbating this gap. So I would not worry about it too much. If it does go beyond 3 or 4 minutes, then you can have it readjusted, but as with everything, my personal philosophy is not to open a watch up unless it really needs it!

Enjoy it - it is truly an amazing watch, and probably one of my favourite Roths...


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