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Well, if it is still under warranty...

August 8 2006 at 12:51 AM

AlbertoS  (Login Alberto_S)

Response to Accidento with my Roth Seconds@6

...I would suggest sending it back to DR as having someone else open the watch could likely void your warranty from then on.

This is probably either a case of a small screw that worked itself loose (the one holding the stem in place), in which case it simply requires retightening, or else the crown stem itself which got damaged (though usually this happens when one pulls like mad on it), and which by deforming itself slipped past its retaining screw (in this case the stem and the screw need to be replaced).

Chances are you are dealing with the first issue, but if that is the case you could also have the small screw floating around loose in your movement, where it could easily wreak havok - just imagine it getting mixed up with the hairspring.

So, my advice would be to take your watch to a DR AD, and have it sent back to Switzerland for servicing. If you are unsure of how an AD might receive your watch since you did not buy it there, you could also try contacting DR directly (after the month of August, though) and see if they can arrange a return through an AD on your belhaf...

Sorry about your "loss", but the prognosis should be good...

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