Star Trek Psionics

by Elizabeth Dehner

Many cases of psionic power - the innate ability to mentally control surroundings, rearrange or create matter, project illusions - have been reported by the exploration voyages of the United Federation of Planets. It is therefore important for all Star Fleet personnel to understand certain pertinent facts about the psionic powers observed in humans.


The aura, first detected by the Terran scientist Kirlian in the early 20th Century, is a bio-gravitational field that surrounds every living creature. It is the energy of this field that, depending on its intensity, can perform psionic phenomena.


Energy and matter can be influenced by the gravitational field of an individual, just as the gravity well of a star can interact with both energy and matter in its proximity; and altered state of consciousness, usually involuntary, is necessary for this type of phenomenon. However, certain species and some human individuals can be trained to willfully alter their state of consciousness and thereby focus the power of their aura and utilize latent psionic abilities.

Plasma Reorganization

The process by which humans can command psionic power is conjectured to be similar to the matter-antimatter energy processes of a starship engine. The energy is thought to be the direct result of an exchange between positive blackhole and negative whitehole, interacting to form intense energy patterns. It has been further speculated that the human mind, in conjunction with the adrenal and pituitary glands, can create the plasma reorganization necessary to produce a "mental blackhole" of subnuclear dimensions. Creation of such a blackhole is always paralleled by that of an oppositely-charged whitehole, and the two immediately begin to decay through tachyonic emission. Such faster-than-light particles emissions are the medium through which psychokinetic and other psychoenergetic powers can be focused and applied. Since no human with psionic abilities has ever allowed himself to be tested or dissected, this theory remains unproven.

It has been commonly accepted over the last several centuries that any human being has the power to a lesser or greater degree to mentally control his environment using the focused energy of the aura. However, most humans believe more in the machine than in the human organism, and have forgotten how to truly use what they possess. This is apparent if we consider what would have happened if the Easter cultures had been dominant on Earth instead of the more technologically-based Western societies. If humans had spent less time on the printing press and more time on the mind and body control of the Buddhist monks or Indian Fakirs, Earth today would be a very different place. In any case, the human of the 23rd Century is a child of both the industrial revolution and the great technological Diaspora of the last two centuries, and must work with the situation at hand and make up for five hundred years of increasing dependency on machines.

There have also been cases where humans have been able to enlarge their psionic abilities either through an increase in their aura's power, or because or training by others to recognize and exploit these latent abilities.

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