Physics of Warp Drive

by Geordi La Forge


While the laws of relativity prevent an object from moving through space at faster than light speed, an object can move with space at faster than light speed if space itself is moving. Warp drive technology works on this principle. Because gravity and electromagnetism are simply different manifestations of a single universal force, gravitational forces can be manipulated through the application of precisely generated and controlled electromagnetic forces. Electromagnetic forces, therefore, can be used to alter and control the geometry of space, as gravity is the curvature of spacetime. The controlled electromagnetic fields generated by a warp drive engine on a spacecraft manipulate gravity in order to distort the spacetime immediately around the spacecraft in a manner that causes that specific area of spacetime to be propelled to velocities that exceed the speed of light with the spacecraft remaining inside this accelerated spacetime. Travel at faster than light speed is possible in this fashion because the spacecraft is, strictly speaking, stationary while spacetime itself is traveling. Similar to a surfboard being carried by a wave of water, the spacecraft is merely being carried by a distortion of the spacetime that surrounds it.

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