Art Landry passed away in September 1990

by John Leifert

I could not do a cut and paste from the website "American Big Bands" ("disabled", it said) - however the following is not terribly long, yet very interesting; I'm repeating it here, verbatim from the site:

ART LANDRY was one of the real old timers. He started his first band in the early twenties. His orchestra subsequently toured America from coast to coast. One of his sidemen was Ted Mack, who later hosted the Major Bowes Amateur Hour radio program. Art was a good clarinetist, and fronted the orchestra himself.

Art's orchestra originally recorded for the midwestern Gennett label. Later he signed up with the Victor company, recording ini NYC, Camden NJ, and even on the West Coast. (There was a link to Art's 1924 recording of "What Could Be Sweeter Than You" digitall re-engineered)... Landry's career ended before the big band era got started.

In private correspondence, Mr. Norman Bensen, a good friend of Art Landry, has recalled: "Art retired first to Ticonderoga, NY and then to Nokomis, FL. He passed away in September 19990 at an age that he said was 100. We had a 100th birthday party for him in March 1990".

"Art was a charming man. In the late 70s and the 80s we visited mobile home parks and condominium associations where he showed slides and talked about his career and the many celebrities he encountered. Very interesting".

John L

Posted on Jan 4, 2008, 3:52 PM

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