Phil Spitalny and the Hit of the Week Records

by Albert Haim

The link to the Betty Coed tune by Phil Spitalny is

Spitalny had a pretty good band who recorded between 1924 and 1932. Some of the musicians in the band were Bunny Berigan, Joe Venuti, Eddie Lang, Bob Effros, Manny Klein. Phil Spitalny's music is prominently featured in Archeophone's "The Complete Hit of the Week Records, Volumes 1, 2, 3. Surprisingly, the Betty Book record (Lullaby of the Leaves, Betty Boop HoW F3-4) is not included. Maybe there is a volume 4 in the works? From Hans Koert's Hit of the Week Discography (

PHIL SPITALNY'S MUSIC Vocal by BEN ALLEY (HOW F-3-4 / F-4-5) // Musique de PHIL
SPITALNY'S Refrain chanté par Ben Alley (SEFONO F-4-5) [2tp-tb-2cl as-cl ts-2v-xyl-acc-p-g-tu-dmvo-(
male) vo3] Phil Spitalny dir., ? Sam Hermans xyl, Charlie Magnante acc, Ben Alley vo, ETON BOYS vo4:
(Jack Day bariton, Earl Smith 1st Tenor, Art Gentry 2nd Tenor, Chas. Day bass)
New York City, Jun. 1932
1214 C LULLABY OF THE LEAVES (Canción de las Hojas)
Young Petkere - BA vo HOW F-3-4/IAJRC CS1002-5
? Lullaby of the leaves ( ) Fox Young Petkere
– BA vo ? SEFONO F-3-4
BETTY BOOP Fox Trots Heyman Green - EB vo4
<? SH xyl - tp CM acc> HOW F-3-4 / BR 109
IAJRC CS1002-5
? Betty Boop (BETTY BOOP) Fox Heyman Green
– EB vo4 < ?SH xyl – tp CM acc > ? SEFONO F-3-4

HOW F-3-4: Released in the US Jun. 16 1932. The song “BETTY BOOP” was the signature tune of the Fleischer cartoon
shorts, with Betty Boop as the star.28 Cover: Band “TWO BIG HITS” (like D-2-3). Catalogued in Sweden Dec. 23, 1932
as V.S. nr. 36. In a 1933 Veckans skiva list some extra information: < två foxtrots ur serien: “Exklusiva dansskivors”> //
? SEFONO F-3-4: It’s likely that this edition was issued too. // HOW F-4-5: Released in the US Jun. 23 1932. Band
“TWO BIG HITS” (like D-2-3). Mind that the titles mentioned on the cover are converted. This was the last Hit-of-theweek.
// AUDIO PARK APCD-6015 : gives as band name < Phil Spitalny’s Music (vocal: Eton Boys Trio)

In the mid-30s, Spitalny led an all-girl orchestra. See

jazz-on-line has a few Spitalny's sides.

"What's the Use" (an excellent tune by Isham Jones) is a good one. Listen

and if you are into sentimental Boston waltzes, try

Here is an image of the record from Hans Koert's website.


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