Might be...

by John Leifert

That could very well be, Albert. I was just saying that several of these tracks (accessing the entries for these titles in Rust's Jazz Records or the American Dance Band Discography) DID appear also on the Plaza group of labels, such as Banner. Those had their OWN matrix numbers, which would have been 4 digit rather than the Pathe 6 digit. "Control" numbers are assigned (which to the normal eye look just like matrix numbers) if a master is leased from another company; I have many discs where a Pathe or Perfect uses a master from Plaza, or vice versa. If there are no Pathe ledgers left, then the only way we would know there is an ACTUAL recording date from Pathe sources would be from Ed Kirkeby's journals and I don't believe Kirkeby had anything to do with these sides.

By 1929, if you have a Plaza side (by then that could include Regal, Domino, etc.) and see a 6 digit matrix number visible UNDERNEATH the label, then that disc uses a master from Pathe, despite what the label or lead-off wax might say. Often three different numbers are visible!! Of course, only one can be correct...

I'm sorry if I'm confusing anybody here, but darn it - it IS confusing!! Those record companies didn't make it easy at all for those who try to decipher their mysterious practices... JL

Posted on Jan 27, 2009, 1:52 PM

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