A little more from me

by Malcolm Walton

I have looked some more and this is a list of what I think I can see.
All references are to elapsed time on the utube clip.
1.12 The bend in the leadpipe aligns with the Holton not the Bach
1.12 The mouthpiece receiver aligns with the Holton not the Bach
1.13 Ditto
1.13 Bend in the leadpipe again
1.14 Ditto
1.27 Ditto
1.27 Curvature of bell pipe (at mouthpiece end) matches Holton profile (absolutey rounded), rather than the Bach which is slightly squarer.
1.27 First valve slide further back than Bach and matches Holton
1.27 Mouthpiece recever position again (as above)

The frames at 1.27 move very rapidly: all the references I list at 1.27 are not necessarily on the same frame.


Posted on Apr 15, 2009, 4:25 AM

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