Mystery reporter

by Laura Demilio

I bet that reporter was someone Bix was just politely enduring during the length of the interview, patiently putting up with inane questions, and maybe wanted to have a little harmless fun by pulling this person's leg a bit here and there, when he did choose to speak. Does it seem realistic that Bix would be terribly talkative and prove much information to any reporter, knowing how modestly reticent and enigmatic he was? I can imagine him sitting there amusedly nodding assent to the reporter's blabbered, gushing remarks and murmuring a humorous comment here or there -- and that sappy introduction to the article is obviously the drool of that reporter. Yeeeuch, what appalling writing.

I'd love to know, lady or guy. I somehow get the impression -- sorry girls -- that the reporter was a somewhat silly, gushy, still-young woman who reported on all the local gossip and entertainment. But then again Bix probably would have been too much of a gentleman to . . . . okay, so how about a green high school kid allowed to write something for the paper,that Bix was humoring on his first big interview with a local celebrity? And still no unkind teasing on Bix's part, but the tongue-in-cheek effect was lost on the overwrought reporter.


Posted on Aug 24, 2009, 10:48 AM

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