Re: "Don't confuse me with facts. My mind is made up."

by alex revell

Pitiful? Surely, if I choose to not read books by critics/journalists etc that is my prerogative. Presumably, Im allowed to have a choice in what I read. Lets suppose for a moment that I had read those books. The scenario would have then been. After reading one author I would have thrown away all my Bix records as not being worthy of listening to as they were not real jazz, which was only played by negroes. Then, the next author I read would have told me that I should not listen to any jazz played by black musicians because it was crude and lacked polish. So I would have then had to dump all my Oliver Creole Band, Louis, Dodds, Morton (problem here? because Morton wasnt quite black) Noone etc. The next book I read would have told me that the only classic jazz lineup, essential for playing the real stuff, has to be trumpet, clarinet, trombone and rhythm section. Out go all my trios and quartets. Then that there was no worthwhile jazz recorded after 1930. Out go more fine records. Another expert would also have told me that the advent of big bands ended good jazz , so I would have then had to discard all my Hendersons, Goodmans, Shaws, Whiteman etc. I would have ended up with no jazz records at all, by either white or black musicians.
I prefer to judge, and choose, what I want to listen to by the evidence of two small pieces of apparatus which I have, one on each side of my head. They are called ears. Thats my choice. Im sorry if people dont agree, but then, thats their prerogative also.
In another thread, Prof Haim castigates people for putting forward ideas and opinions: Quote: The problem is that many people do not offer their preferences (tastes) as a matter of personal, subjective opinion but as fact, objective truth. End quote. With all due respect, Prof Haim is doing exactly this much of the time. As we all are. Because to continually qualify ones statements with in my opinion would be extremely tedious.

The statement we see repeated - ad nauseum - is that the ODJB were the first band to record jazz , which proves they were inventors of the music. This is a breathtaking non sequitor of the very first order. All it proves is that they were the first jazz band to record - nothing more, nothing less. Its very hard to answer such an illogical course of discussion.

Finally, I think the letter from La Rocca clears the whole question up once and for all. It was all the fault of those wicked communists, working for the Russians. Really!!

Posted on Sep 27, 2009, 5:27 AM

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