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by Albert Haim

"The audible, continuing effect of Bix's way of playing in Nichols work is, to say it diplomatic, not very clear to everyone."

It may not be clear to everyone, but it is certainly clear to me, and to the musicians/historian I quoted in a previous post. It is certainly audible to Wareing and Garlick who take several pages of their "Bugles for Beiderbecke" book to discuss the influence of Bix on Red Nichols.

I hear Bix's influence in the several versions of "Davenport Blues" recorded by Red with various groups, in some of the recordings with Whiteman, in several of his Five Pennies recordings. I am not saying that Red is imitating Bix; Red is his own man, but he echoes some of Bix's approach; Red throws in little bits reminiscent of Bix;  sometimes it is only a hint, a suspicion, but it is there.

As to the almost note for note copies of Bix's solos by Red, I am not saying that the fact of copying is, on its own, a manifestation of Bix's influence on Red. It is an additional bit of data to be added to the audible evidence to support the proposition of Bix's influence on Red.

What do other forumites think?


Posted on Dec 1, 2009, 7:34 AM

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