How fabulous!

by Laura Demilio

Well, we will defintely chat! I'm just, uh, wiping a bit of drool off my chin here reading about your exquisite collection of phonographs!

In Jerry's USed Records in Pittsburgh today he told me his son, who maintains and deals with the 78's room, will know of somebody who can come by and advise maintenance on the XI Victrola, so next time Willie's in the store --

While I'm at it, any of you out there with an explicit "wish list", do tell me about and I could go on a finding mission for you; Jerry's is a big, well-kept store of used records and is "known" -- I'll have to pass along the website, or any of you can just type in Jerry's Used Records, Pittsburgh -- but there's all categories, good condition, very reasonable prices, and the selection is staggering. He won't touch cd's, it's all vinyl LP's from the time they were invented in 1949 up to pressings from perhaps the late 1980's; a back room of 45's, and another room of 78's -- each huge warehouse-sized room chock-full, and categorically sorted. Rock and popular is the biggest area but I emphatically state that the selection of trad and progressive jazz is enormous; opera and classical, country-western and general crap like novelty and easy listening but that store has things so long out of print which many of us thought we'd never see again, there. I will maintain that it might be a little tight and difficult to get some of the really hot famous jazz 78's from the 1920's -- the real rarities everyone's after and search eBay for -- but there is a surprising selection notwithstanding of good 1920's and 30's popular and jazz, in beautiful condition -- nothing which has been lying about in a dirty garage or someone's moldy basement. Gennett, Brunswick, Okeh, Velvet Tone (I myself like those cheapie dime-store brands of 80-90 years ago); Perfect, Vocalion, Cameo, Grey Gull, piles of Victor and Columbia sorted by artist.

Any of you give me a holler if you think I'd be able to search something out for you and send it along.


Posted on Jan 9, 2010, 3:00 PM

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