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I've been chatting about this article with friends -- Laura Toops forwarded it to me and I popped it along to Liz and Jamaica, because -- well,this is appalling, heartrending, infurating, that the government would poison alcohol "to scare people away from it" and very well could have directly poisoned poor Bix, and countless other people who didn't want the government telling them what they could and could not do with their social lives. What if -- that horrible hallucination he had before he died wasn't the fever from pneumonia, but caused by something more ghastly than even DT's? And just to fall over dead that way in Kraslow's arms? Now there'll be medical theories, opinions weighing in, quotes on what the death report actually said, yes, and that very fascinating book Jazz and Death written by the doctor, but we've all pretty much agree that alcohol contributed to his demise -- and how can we doubt it was anything but poisoned hooch? With the Whiteman Band Bix was rich enough to get the good stuff smuggled off the boats from Canada and Europe. but in the decline when times were harder. . . .

This is very upsetting. Bix's health suddenly deteriorated -- not gradually, but suddenly -- in late 1928 and until fall 1929, and no matter how he bounced back I think damage had been done.


Posted on Feb 25, 2010, 11:15 AM

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