I've got a copy of the book "Jazzmen"


and it's very interesting - the chapter on Bix very much so, because of the immediacy of when it was written, for Bix had not even been dead for eight years. The discussion and related anecdotes by close, genuine friends and family members strike a reader as authentic, not lost in the fog of rumor and speculation.

There is at least one, perhaps two, copies of this 1939 book in Caliban Book Store down the street from my office at University of Pittsburgh. If anyone would like a copy, tell me and I will pick it up and send it to you with minimal cost. When last I saw the copies, they were in better than acceptable condition, understandably worn but not very shabby, not grubbily musty or with pages falling out. I am quite sure one copy remains of the shelf but cannot say certainly that two copies are there, as it has been several months since I checked specifically. But give a yell if anyone wants Jazzmen; it's not going for more than $7.00.


Posted on Apr 8, 2010, 6:24 PM

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