Sharkey Bonano and Bix


In his latest Rifftides,

Doug Ramsey writes about Sharkey Bonano,

"Bonano is usually described as under the influence of Louis Armstrong. That is true, but he rubbed up against Bix Beiderbecke in Goldkette's band and, ever after, ripples of Bix surfaced in his work."

I knew about the connection between Bix and Sharkey through the Wolverines - Sharkey unsuccessfully auditioned when Bix gave notice he was leaving. But I did not know about the connection via Goldkette. John Chilton in "Whos Who of Jazz" writes, "Briefly with Jean Goldkette in 1927." And this appears in tens of web pages (Wikipedia for example). I guess in New York? Goldkette was in New York in late Jan-early Feb, in May and Aug-Sep 1927. When was Sharkey with Goldkette? And what were the circumstances? A temporary replacement for Fuzzy Farrar, Ray Lodwig? Does anyone know?


PS Scott Yanow in "Trumpet Kings" writes, Bonano returned to the North to play with Jean Goldkette's orchestra in 1927 (preceding Beiderbecke). That's not possible. Bix was with Godlkette from Jan 1, 1927 to Sep 1927, when the band folded.





Posted on Apr 10, 2010, 5:09 AM

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