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by Tomas Palm

I visited "Jazzens museum" here in Sweden on August 27 and was very surprised to find a Bix cornet. See by me taken the appended photo. The Swedish text under the photo is earlier correctly translated by Paul B Strandberg. But I will not bet a penny that it is an authentic Bix cornet. Especially after reading the backgrund you received from Chris Tyle.
Of course, I agree with you concerning the curiously "until prof of the opposite is made there is a strong probability that this is an instrument  that once belonged to the legendary Bix Beiderbecke". Even in my sociologic methodological research this is  talking nonsense. You have to put it the other way:  Until proof of the opposite way is made this is not an instrument that belonged to the legendary Bix Beiderbecke. And Chris Tyle's answer to you proves with the highest probability that this cornet is not a Bix cornet.
"Jazzens museum" is a shape of the Swedish trad jazz clarinetist Rolf Carvenius and has mostly a lot of information concerning Swedish jazz history. Among the American jazz , he naturally wishes to believe it is a Bix cornet. That would be a "bigwig" for the museum.
I also give you a photo from Gunhild Carling´s website. I think she is well known from the Bix forum and also from Youtube. Holding the instrument, she writes "Tonight I have kissed and hugged the Bix cornet. Anyway, she is a fine trumpeter and trombonist, but also a showing girl with plenty of jokes. Among them she often says during her performances "Here is a Bix cornet. Now I gonna play on it foryou".
Finally, I can inform the forumites that Gunhild with her family orchestra will play at Chicago Concert Hall on September 27 and  at Carnegie Hall, N.Y, on October 4. Perhaps she will play on a Bix cornet happy.gif.....
Tomas Palm
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