More from Floyd Bean About Bix

by Albert Haim

A Bixophile who wishes to retain his/her privacy reminds me of two additional pieces of information in Rich Johnson's book,

"We knew that he was a wonderful musician, but he had only a local reputaion then. When our trumpet player left, we though of hiring him, but we needed someone who could carry the lead on new sheet music, and Bix couldn't read."

Bix showed me a lot of new things about piano, said Bean, playing tenths ... I'd never heard of that before, always played octaves in the bass."

"When Bix played at Linwood Inn, Floyd Bean remembered his mom helping him read some lead sheets for new songs the band was adding to its program. Bix took them to where the family was sitting and his mother would help him figure out the melody, Bean recalled."

Rich does not give references to the sources of the information. Did Rich interview Floyd Bean? I suspect that some of the information comes from holdings in Iowa State University. See



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