Decency, not scholarship


Again: mine is not a standard of scholarship, Albert; it's a standard of decency, a standard I still look forward to having you -- or anyone else on the forum -- discuss. I remind you, too, that I apply it to this one issue of accusing Ivens via an unsupported theory obtained from Bill Roba, and not to any of the rest of Johnson's book, life, contributions, or legacy. You do much the same thing with your review of Lion's book here:

And for Johnson to make an as-yet unsupported statement, in print, that the Ivens family was separated between two residences, and specifically with Mrs. Ivens and the children in one and Ivens himself in another, is not merely an infelicitous putting-together of data, whatever that means. It is pure speculation, and of a particularly insidious variety that prompts comments such as the one Laura made up-thread about the three addresses you so helpfully point out. One cannot but recall Bix telling Eddie Condon, "I get around." In either case, what of it?

Posted on Oct 29, 2010, 9:35 AM

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