Smith Ballew

by Malcolm Walton

I am embarking on what will probably be wild goose chase and would appreciate any feedback from those who have already tried this route. As we know, Bix was living in New York between 23rd April 1930 and 8th Oct 1930, and again from 11th Feb 1931 until his death. As he stayed at some point with Smith Ballew's bass player, there remains a faint possibility that he might have participated on a recording as a session trumpet player with these guys. So I am trying to track down all the Smith Ballew sides recorded between these dates. Frustratingly, the only re-issues I have been able to find are in the catalogue of an Australian Company: Crystal Stream Audio, and even then less than 50% of the recorded sides. Has anyone out there listened to any of the relevant sides, or knows how to obtain all or some of the tracks?

Posted on Dec 1, 2010, 10:01 AM

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