In fact, ther were five takes of "I Didn't Know."

by Albert Haim

According to Brain McKuen, Victor A & R Director, the disposition of the takes was the following.

1. Destroyed. 2. Partly corroded master found decades later and issued on LPM 2323. 3. Destroyed. 4. Hold conditional. 5. Hold 30 days.

I am surprised at your statement "the take of 'I Didn't Know' we DON'T get to hear - the one where Bix took a whole chorus." I have not seen ny reference to Bix taking a whole chorus in an unissued take. Where did you read or heard this?

According to the Victor Recording Book (thanks to Vince for this information) the composition of the band for takes 1-3 was violin, 2 cornets, 2 trombones, 3 saxs., banjo, tuba, piano, traps. For takes 4 and 5 use 3 cornets.

Question 1. All discographies give 3 trumpets/cornets for the take that was released. Listen  use 480 p

How many trumpets/cornets do you hear?

We don't really know why no take of "I Didn't Know" was issued at the time. It was not because they did not try hard: 5 takes were waxed. On the same day, four takes of "I Want to See My Tennessee" were waxed (take 4 issued Vic 19548), and five takes of "Remember" were waxed (take 3 issued Vic 19548, HMV B-2037: two violins used here). I point out that the Victor book tells us that all nine takes of Tennessee and Remember had two cornets, as did takes 1-3 of "I Didn't Know." So out of a total of 14 takes waxed at that recording session, two were mastered and issued at the time. Was "I Didn't Know" singled out particularly because of Bix's solo? Is it possible that with portable equipment set up in the Detroit Athletic Club, there were technical difficulties and that is why only two takes out of fourteen were issued, and all takes of "I Didn't Know" were casualties?

"Remember"   (two cornets/trumpets)

"I Want to See My Tennessee"  (two cornets/trumpets)

The next day, Nov 25, 1924 four numbers were waxed, "Play Me Slow" (4 takes), "Honest and Truly" (4 takes). "Medley Fox-Trot" (4 takes) and "Adoration" (4 takes). Out of 16 takes, four were issued, a 25 % yield, a bit better than the 14 % yield the day before, but nothing to write home about.

"Play Me Slow"  (According to discographies, no Bix; two horns)

"Honest and Truly"  (According to discographies, no Bix; two horns)

"Adoration"  (According to discographies, Bix is here; three horns; do you hear Bix?)

Do you hear two horns in "Remember," "I Want to See My Tennessee," "Play Me Slow" and "Honest and Truly" but three in "Adoration"?





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