More ammunition to destroy the myth ....


.... that Bix's name appeared in print only a couple of times during his lifetime.

Two examples from Variety.

Sep 18, 1928. From the disc reviews section by Abel Green.

Bix Beiderbecke

"Old Man River and Wa-Da-Da are rhythmic excuses for Beiderbecke and his gang to make jazz whoopee on Okeh No. 41088. They are among the foremost exponents of ultra-modernistic jazzique and no matter the theme as long as they have something around which to trick up their modulations."

Oct 10, 1929. A review of  Paul Whiteman's Carnegie Hall concert of Oct 7, 1929. I will post the complete review in a couple of days. Today, I only want to mention the section about Bix. "Leon Bix Beiderbecke's 'In A Mist' for three pianos was an instrumental interlude with the composer, Bargy and Leonard Hayton at the ivories. It was just so-so. The general entusiasm which ran produced a volume response not altogether consistently proportionate with the general merits." I guess the critic (Abel Green) did not like "In A Mist."


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